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CD Muutused / Zminy 2018
price: 15€
Subject ” Muutused / Zminy ”

Svjata Vatra cover Vabadus Svoboda Freedom                                Vabadus-Freedom handmade
CD Vabadus-Svoboda 2015                      CD Vabadus-Svoboda 2015
Subject ”CD Vabadus-Svoboda”              Subject ”CD Vabadus-Svoboda (S.P.)”
price: 15€                                                  price: 20€

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CD Svitlyi schljah 2013
price: 10€+post.
Subject ”CD Svitlyi schljah”

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CD Zillja Zelenen’ke 2011                         CD/DVD Zillja Zelenen’ke 2010
price: 10€+post.                                         price: 15EURO+post.
Subject ”CD Zillja Zelenen’ke”               Subject ”CD/DVD Zillja Zelenen’ke”

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CD Kalyna 2008

 MP3 downloads:  iTunes & Amazon.



It is possible to buy SVJATA VATRA medallions – an unique part of SV identity designed by Julia Maria Künnap, made by Maarja Niinemägi.


Medallion of stainless steel                      Medallion of silver
size 35 mm                                                  size 35 mm
price: 15 €                                                   price: 35 €
Subject “Medallion / Stainless”               Subject “Medallion / Silver”

It is possible to buy SVJATA VATRA earrings


The earrings are made of silver.
Small size 20 mm, price: 60 €
Bigger size 35 mm, price: 100 €
Subject “Earrings / Silver”