Charity concert „From Estonia to Ukraine“

Charity concert „From Estonia to Ukraine“
Svjata Vatra together with Defence Forces Orchestra.
Fire does not Burn Toughned People – Вогонь запеклих не пече – Tuli karastatuid ei põleta.

We are really grateful to all Estonian people for support and donations!
Now more than 200 000 Euros are collected for medicine first aid kits to Ukraine.

Victory and Peace to Ukraine!


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Folk World Svjata Vatra “Svitlyi schljah” CD review by Eelco Schilder 2013

Svjata Vatra “Svitlyi Schljah”
Own label, 2013  Continue reading

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Estonia sings a song for Ukraine-charity concerts Support to Ukraine!

Folk music charity concert

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Svjata Vatra is looking for a BASS PLAYER. First step Faas 1 WEBAUDITION

A once in a lifetime event – Svjata Vatra is looking for a BASS PLAYER and YOUR help is welcome to find the right man for the job!! We invite all our friends to keep an eyeball on this webaudition and to make your own choice about who YOU think would be the perfect match for us. And by the way – three luckiest voters will be granted free tickets to one of Svjata Vatras 2015 anniversary tour concerts!!!

1. Hot spirit: drop an e-mail to and we’ll send you 6 songs.
2. Hardening: Pick one song, figure out a cool bass line for it, record it and share a video of yourself rocking with us on youtube.
3. Pride: Share the video in this event so everyone could see it!!

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В Таллинне на площади Свободы в Таллинне пройдет благотворительный концерт в поддержку “Украине!”


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Estonian and Ukrainian Musicians To Perform at Support Concert “For Ukraine”


This Sunday, 16 March at 12, a support concert entitled “For Ukraine” will be held at Freedom Square (Vabaduse Väljak) in Tallinn. With this event,  Estonian and Ukrainian musicians, students, and non-governmental organisations will express their support to a free and dignified Ukrainian nation. Continue reading

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Ukrainian-Estonian folk band Svjata Vatra dedicated a new single to Majdan!

The Ukrainian-Estonian band Svjata Vatra released a new single “Vogon zapeklyh ne peche” (Fire does not Burn Toughened People), which is dedicated to all those brave people who were and are standing in Maidan square in protection of democracy and human rights. What is going on in Ukraine has transcended much further than the borders of just one country. Continue reading

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Estonian folk musicians support Ukrainian people in their fight for freedom and justice!

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Blogfoolk – Svjata Vatra “Svitlyi schljah” review by Ciro De Rosa 2013

Non è musicista di primo pelo il trombonista Ruslan Trochynskyi, dall’Ucraina all’Estonia, dagli Haydamaky agli Svjata Vatra; oggi è il vocalist e frontman di una band che furoreggia nella scena folk revivalista del paese baltico. Continue reading

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Svjata Vatra interview at Ukrainian National 1TV

At the end of September Svjata Vatra musicians Ruslan Trochynskyi and Juhan Suits made their musical appearance on a Ukrainian TV popular culture program “POTOMKI Nastja Rõbtšinskaja ja Kostja Gnatenko.” In addition to the interview the Ukrainian and Estonian folk music was performed live by Juhan Suits and his bagpipe followed by Svjata Vatra music video. Continue reading

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