Ruslan Trochynskyi – Vocal, trombone, scythe.

Juhan Suits ( Juss ) – Estonian bagpipes, wooden horn, whistle, vocal,  jew’s harp.

Peeter Priks – Acoustic guitar

Karl-Heinrich Arro – Drums, Percussion.

Alo  Jaanivald – Sound engineering.

Kevin Kangur
–  Sound engineering.

Terje Trochynskyi – Manager.



Alumni of Budapest Ritmo 2016 (showcase festival from WOMEX partner Hangveto)

Prepare for a blast of Cossack Viking folk rock by SVJATA VATRA lead by Ruslan Trochynskyi.

On stage the band evokes a hard to resist ancient pagan rite through bagpipes, jew’s harp, scythe and husky lead vocals, blown into the 21st century by shimmering trombone.

The Ukrainian-Estonian Svjata Vatra (“Holy Fire”) play folk music based on traditional songs, nostalgic children’s games and Baltic melodies, with a fresh punk attitude.

Since 2006 they’ve been making people dance and breaking down walls by demonstrating shared roots through music in 16 European countries and recently even in Canada.

From performing on Viking ships to Colours of Ostrava, from FelSziget, Positivus, London International Festival of Exploratory Music, to Kaustinen Folk Festival - Svjata Vatra is gaining momentum and ready to bring their fiery folk further.

Svjata Vatra’s song “Kalyna” was awarded ‘Best folk song in Estonia 2009’. Being an alumni of several showcase festivals incl Tallinn Music Week and Eurosonic, it’s time to take it to the next level.

In light of recent developments in Ukraine SV has increasingly used their art to give a voice to this underreported situation, to advocate for freedom and unity, through educational programs and their own documentary film.

February 2014 Svjata Vatra released a single “Vogon zapeklyh ne peche” (Fire does not Burn Toughened People), which is dedicated to all those brave people who were and are standing in Maidan square in protection of democracy and human rights. What is going on in Ukraine has transcended much further than the borders of just one country. The musicians of Svata Vatra have allways valued family, a free state, everyone´s right to speak up in their community and to support democratic values. As musicians they can show support through their own personal example and, of course, through their music. The song “Vogon zapeklyh ne peche” is written in commemoration of the people who were killed in Maidan square and for the people who have been supporting the Ukrainian pursuit for freedom, either in Maidan square or elsewhere in the world. This song speaks about freedom in the general sense, not only in Ukraine but everywhere – people need to be honest and dignified in their lives. Only through honesty and cooperation can we build a free society, where peace and love reign.

Svjata Vatra was one of the organizers of the support concert “For Ukraine” at 16 of March in Tallinn (Estonia) at Freedom Square. There was performing lot of well-known Estonian artist and Svjata Vatra played together with Police and Border Guard Orchestra. The concert was broadcasted live by Estonian Public Broadcasting.

To be the seeds of change literally, SV created a unique recyclable album cover for their latest record “Vabadus Svoboda” (Freedom) in 2015: the handmade paper crafted in a Ukrainian Church in Tallinn, contains seeds of a special yellow and blue flower, representing the Ukrainian flag. Planting the cover and grow freedom around you!

New video “Letila Zozulia’’
Svjata Vatra’s new video “Letila Zozulja” was filmed on the frozen lake Viljandi!
Spring equinox is the perfect time for Svjata Vatra to release a winter fairytale: on a cold day in february with frosty trees fringing the deeply frozen lake, the band filmed a truly nordic music video.

Documentary film

In 2010 Svjata Vatra produced a musical documentary film called “Püha Tuli” (Holy Fire), it portrays the band’s musical expedition to Carpathians, conveys the band’s ambition to integrate art in all aspects of life, and shows their impact on both Estonian and Ukranian folk music and community. 52 min, trailer and more info
screening highlights: Estonian National TV Chanel, Worldfilm Festival in Tartu, Estonia, Globaltica Poland, “Kino Molodost Festival” in Kiev, Ukraine, “Kino Oktjabr” in Helsinki, Finland, Estonian Cultural Festival in Paris.

Workshop and education programs

Svjata Vatra is making a work shops “Estonian-Ukrainian traditional music similarities and differences” by introducing trad. music instruments, songs, dances and customs.

Work shops are for children and adults, special programs for festivals, events and schools. We made ws: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Finland, Poland, Germany, Canada.

Powerful performances by captivating audience, generating an energizing ambiance and setting aglow people’s hearts – that is what Svjata Vatra is about.