Ukrainian-Estonian folk band Svjata Vatra dedicated a new single to Majdan!

The Ukrainian-Estonian band Svjata Vatra released a new single “Vogon zapeklyh ne peche” (Fire does not Burn Toughened People), which is dedicated to all those brave people who were and are standing in Maidan square in protection of democracy and human rights. What is going on in Ukraine has transcended much further than the borders of just one country. The musicians of Svata Vatra have always valued family, a free state, everyone´s right to speak up in their community and to support democratic values. As musicians they can show support through their own personal example and, of course, through their music.

The song “Vogon zapeklyh ne peche” is written in commemoration of the people who were killed in Maidan square and for the people who have been supporting the Ukrainian pursuit for freedom, either in Maidan square or elsewhere in the world. This song speaks about freedom in the general sense, not only in Ukraine but everywhere – people need to be honest and dignified in their lives. Only through honesty and cooperation can we build a free society, where peace and love reign.

The song “Vogon zapeklyh ne peche” was born on February 19 and was recorded on February 21 in the studio of the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy, with the help of Janar Paeglis. The sound engineers of the song were Alo Jaanivald (the sound technician of Svjatra Vatra) and Ruslan Trochynskyi (the singer of Svjata Vatra).”Vogon zapeklyh ne peche” words and melody by Ruslan Trochynskyi, arranged by Svjata Vatra:
Ruslan Trochynskyi, Martin Aulis, Madis Pilt, Juhan Suits.


Shoulder to shoulder
we have the same thought
we love and believe the same
shoulder to shoulder
we have the same thought
we love and believe the same

I am proud to be Ukrainian
I am proud that we have Maidan
and strong people who fight for freedom
day and night

shoulder to shoulder …

ever lasting, unbreakable in snow and in fire
the fire does not burn toughened people.
for those, who shed real cossack blood on the snow
– long live our heroes!

for those who live – strong will to you
to hold freedom, to build a free country!
life has been given to us not for living with lies and mistrust…
let’s be honest, let’s become happy, that’s how we will last!

shoulder to shoulder …







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