Svjata Vatra’s summer of 2013

The summer of 2013 was full of interesting concerts and cooperations.
Earlier this year the band released its latest album “svitlyi schljah” that was presented in the showcase festival “Tallinn music week” and other venues in Estonia, Latvia and Finland.

We continued the successful cooperation from 2012 with Ukrainian kozak showgroup and the dance group “Dance spirit”. We also continued to develop our fire show, in which we used trombone and scythe.

The summer started together with Ruslans former band, the well-known Ukrainian Haydamakyi, on festivals in Tallinn and Käsmu. On midsomersday – the most important Estonian holiday – we gave concerts in Narva and Tallinn in a single night. The latter was performed together with fireshow on Kalevi Stadium after the concert of Estonias hottest folkmetal band Metsatöll.

Ruslans home country Ukraine was visited more than once – concerts on festivals Trypilske Kolo, Woodstock Ukraine and Pidkamin were supported by Music Export Estonia.

Baltic countries saw us playing in Riga Folkclub and Liepaja in Latvija and the great festival that took over the whole center of Lithuanian capital – Vilnius Culture Night.

Polish festival Inne Brzmienia Lublin also gave us a warm welcome.

A few concerts took us to Helsinki, Finland – Willi Väino club and, in cooperation with Estonian embassy, Kontufest and Koko Jazz Club.

Of course we played a lot on Estonian festivals and open air concerts. Estonias biggest, Viljandi Folk Music Festival was a great success as always, when Svjata Vatra brought together one of the biggest audiences of the whole festival.

Svjata Vatras long summer season was finally tied together in our university town Tartu. Altogether we played 40 live concerts this summer. This is the biggest number in Svjata Vatras history.

We have been seen and heard in press too: we played live and gave interviews in national tv and radio channels in Estonia and Ukraine.

Now we’re preparing for a tour together with finnish band Pirulainen – 7.-9. november in Finland and 21.-23. november in Estonia.

Svjata Vatra is still burning with the brightest of flames! ;)

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