Dear friends
SVJATA VATRA  proudly and gladly announce the completion of their fourth studio album called “SVITLYI SCHLJAH” (A brighter way) which will be released in 5th April 2013.

Having been celebrated by the audience at festivals and in clubs throughout Europe for their first 3 albums and live concerts 2005-2012, the band is now ready to conquer the world with its mix of estonian and ukrainian folk with punk drive and rock power.

Svjata Vatra are classified as fire-folk and labelled the “Estonian Gogol Bordello” – with Estonian pipes and Ukrainian trombone, you’ll notice yourself dancing to the most outrageou Balkan rhythms!

New CD contains ukrainian famous children singing games and estonian runo songs with new rocky arrangement. Main theme is freedom to everyone to choose always a brighter way.

You will love this new album as soundtrack of your summer!

Singing game Mak  / Poppy :

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