Svjata Vatra’s Summer 2012

Svjata Vatra’s biggest accomplishment during Summer 2012 was developing the Fire-Show, where during the concert musicians perform with exciting fire tricks by juggling on a burning scythe and blowing out flames from the trombone.

Svjata Vatra traveled to Hungary for the first time where Nordic Midsummer Day tradition was premiered at Budapest’s Open Air Museum. For the second time the band was invited to participate in Latvian festival Labadaba and Czechian festival Colours of Ostrava. In Ostrava they also performed at a street festival that had Svjata Vatra “Kalyna” as their theme song.
In Estonia, the fire-folk band uplifted people on islands at Hiiu Folk festival and at the Kihnu Sea Party. In Tampere, Finland the audience of Estonian and Finnish Dance Celebration was moving/dancing to Svjata Vatras music.

During the summer two special projects where brought to the domestic audience:  At Beer festival Svjata Vatra enrolled genuine Ukrainian Cossacks, who showed elements of traditional fighting art – the highest jumps, juggling with sabers, fighting techniques and clapped Cossack whips.

Together with that a troupe of dancers called ” Dance Spirit” put up with a lot of excitement by having special compositions to Svjata Vatra’s songs.

Otto Pierrotto was blowing fiery flames and the well-known rock singer Lea Liitmaa performed a song “Fly, bird”.


At Viljandi Folk Music Festival, which had this years theme “Man’s Song” Svjata Vatra invited Estonian legendary singer-songwriter Tõnis Mägi to be a guest on the stage. Together with the band three songs where performed, where Tõnis Mägi had written lyrics in Estonian and together they where rearranged. The public took this exciting surprise tempestuously.

In the end of Summer were concerts in Latvia in Riga Folkclub and in Lithuanian festival Ménuo Juodaragis and the trip to Ukraine. Svjata Vatra has been invited to perform in Ukraine at the Woodstock Festival and also Svjata Vatra recorded a music-programm on a TV-show….. It was a first time where the band from Estonia participated in an Ukrainian TV-programm that is fully dedicated to the band.

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