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Issue 386-387, August/September 2015

fRoots AugSep 2015


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(Eesti) Svjata Vatra andis 2015. aastal välja uue albumi “Vabadus Svoboda”.

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SVJATA VATRA is working on its anniversary CD “Vabadus/Svoboda” (“Freedom”)

Svjata Vatra is a Viljandi-based estonian-ukrainian world music ensemble that’s been representing Estonia in many countries and, of course, had countless concerts at home. The band has also produced a musical documentary “Püha Tuli” (Holy Fire) that has aired in Estonian and Ukrainian televisions and on festivals in Estonia, Finland, Ukraine and Poland.

In the fall of 2015, Svjata Vatra is celebrating its 10. anniversary with a brand new CD “Vabadus”. The material will be recorded in june and the CD will be released for the great Viljandi Folk Music Festival in the end of july. From there, the anniversary concerts will bring us to Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Canada and of course back home in Estonia. Continue reading

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SVJATA VATRA @ TMW Continue reading

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Svjata Vatra charity concert tour in Eastern Ukraine 2014

Estonian-Ukrainian band Svjata Vatra went on a tour in the middle of november to support Ukraine. The trip was very special, for the concerts were held in small town culture houses, music and art schools. Ukrainian musicians usually support soldiers and so the local people were extremely thankful and happy that music and support found their way to them. It was very emotional to meet local youngsters, because it gave the band a sense of hope. The band members were happy to see that the locals needed the humanitarian aid they brought and appreciated the simple communication through music. Svjata Vatra returned home convinced, that the Ukrainian peole wish to live in peace and welcome all kinds of help and communication, especially with youth youth organizations. Continue reading

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Charity concert „From Estonia to Ukraine“

Charity concert „From Estonia to Ukraine“
Svjata Vatra together with Defence Forces Orchestra.
Fire does not Burn Toughned People – Вогонь запеклих не пече – Tuli karastatuid ei põleta.

We are really grateful to all Estonian people for support and donations!
Now more than 200 000 Euros are collected for medicine first aid kits to Ukraine.

Victory and Peace to Ukraine!


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Folk World Svjata Vatra “Svitlyi schljah” CD review by Eelco Schilder 2013

Svjata Vatra “Svitlyi Schljah”
Own label, 2013  Continue reading

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Estonia sings a song for Ukraine-charity concerts Support to Ukraine!

Folk music charity concert

Continue reading

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Svjata Vatra is looking for a BASS PLAYER. First step Faas 1 WEBAUDITION

A once in a lifetime event – Svjata Vatra is looking for a BASS PLAYER and YOUR help is welcome to find the right man for the job!! We invite all our friends to keep an eyeball on this webaudition and to make your own choice about who YOU think would be the perfect match for us. And by the way – three luckiest voters will be granted free tickets to one of Svjata Vatras 2015 anniversary tour concerts!!!

1. Hot spirit: drop an e-mail to svjatavatra@gmail.com and we’ll send you 6 songs.
2. Hardening: Pick one song, figure out a cool bass line for it, record it and share a video of yourself rocking with us on youtube.
3. Pride: Share the video in this event so everyone could see it!!

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(Ukrainian) Українське радіо – iнтервью з Русланом Трочинським

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